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Phil Archer an Australian drummer based on the Central Coast NSW...

Phil Archer became a member of Not That Light a Salvation Army Youth Rock band with Russell Hung: guitar, John Wallis: guitar, Ian Sandercoe: vocalist and Paul Lucas: bass and vocals. Followed by the band Confidante in 1985. Members of Confidante included: Ian Sandercoe: vocals, John Wallis: guitar, Steven Cutmore: guitar, Paul Lucas: bass and vocals and Brent Wallace: keyboards and vocals. Additional members included Darryl Lambert who replaced Ian Sandercoe as vocalist.

Live performances included in the mid eighties: Selinas Coogee Bay Hotel, Shanney's Hotel, Paradise Hotel, The Vauxhall Inn, Preston Stadium Melbourne and The Sydney Entertainment Centre. In the late eighties Confidante performed at Scout Jamborees, Sydney Myer Music Bowl Melbourne, Youth Conferences and a Salvation Army Congress.

Song's of Confidante include: Don't stop Loving, Credit Card, Paradise, Mouth to Mouth, I Start Thinking, Heaven, We are the reason and Southern Cross. Recorded works of Confidante included: A cassette titled Light in the Distance.

Phil Archer joined Joshua Brave a rock band from Newcastle Australia in 1992. The music encompassed a mix of sounds: Funk, Jazz, Blues and Rock. Members of Joshua Brave included: Paul Flaherty- guitar, Don Ninness-bass, Brad Elliott-drums and Ian Sandercoe-vocals. Brad Elliott was replaced on drums by Phil Archer. Phil Archer was replaced on drums by Craig Lancaster.

Joshua Brave recordings included: February 1991 - Religion and Dirty Rumours, March 1991 - Toy Box, Message of Love and Future Crowd, July 1991 - City Limits, August 1991 - Throw Away Society, October 1991 - Flowers November 1991 - Love AwayGuilty – 1992, Sugar Train - April 1993 - Faces and True Love, August 1993 - Glory Mist and I Am Love.

By the 13th of July 1992 Ian Sandercoe vocalist and song writer with Joshua Brave won Music Genesis 92, the ultimate song writing competition held at The Newcastle Workers Club.

An entry to the 1992 Australian Music Day CD Initiative by Ausmusic titled Fresh Tracks saw Joshua Brave among nine of the best new Australian bands.

Record producer Jim Bonnefond saw Joshua Brave and offered to produce their single after seeing a show. The bands repertoire of 100% original songs, dealt with subjects ranging from political and social issues to religious and human relationships. The song Message of Love from the album titled Slave to None produced by Bonnefond sky rocketed and charted at number one in Newcastle for over eight weeks. A separate track Been There won listener’s choice category at the New FM Rock Music